About me

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Hi, my name is Anette Thingbø Sundnes. I am a 26 years old graphic designer and digital marketer. I can help you develop both a unique visual brand and a marketing strategy for your company.

I am a positive person who always looks for opportunities. I am flexible and like to work in both groups and individually. I want to do things thoroughly, and I always give my best. For many years I have been a serious rifle shooter athlete. Through sports, I have learned to always seek development and new knowledge. I constantly want to become better at what I do; it is just part of who I am.

I prefer to keep things simple, minimalistic, and clean. I love to use white space and let the actual content be in focus. I think you can see this reflected in my portfolio. The portfolio is also inspired by the nature. I love hiking and spending time nearby a campfire. It is just something magical about the crackling sound from the embers.

Anette Thingbø Sundnes